About Me

My name is Kristen and I am a wife to my wonderful husband of a bazillion years and mother to my fantastic children.  I have always had a love of drawing and painting as well as performance art and find inspiration in all sorts of strange and spectacular as well as in the mundane.  There is so much negativity in the world I choose to focus my energy on the positive whilst acknowledging that the world we live in can be anything but a positive experience.

I have a love of crafting including, Cardmaking, Paper crafting, Sewing and knitting.  I delight in honing my computer, social networking and current event skills. With crafting I tend to be a jack of all trades, expert at none *sigh* but the fun is in the journey.

I also love sports. My teams are Liverpool Football Club, England Internationals for Football and Rugby, University of Kentucky Basketball, Cincinnati Reds Baseball, Cincinnati Bengals NFL "American" football - though the team I follow closest is Liverpool FC.