Friday, April 26, 2013

Ever had one of those weeks?

To be honest I am having one of those one step forward a bazillion steps backwards weeks.  I know we all do.  So imagine my shock when I logged into my blog and found this for my last card.
Good thing I was sat down! 
Seriously - it really was.  I still think you could knock me over with a feather.
Thank you so much for the selection it is great to play along at CASology
BTW my eldest loved the card!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I'm doing a two for one today which considering I have trouble doing a one for one challenge I'm somewhat pleased with myself.  So I am doing the CASology cue card - Word AND the OLW A-OK

I will be totally honest, I stamped this card and then saw both of these challenges.  Shhhh that's just between you and me right?   I'm just glad to be cranking out some cards again and posting them.

Second confession - I changed this card after I took this picture.  To be honest I was quite happy with the plain black on white but I just kept niggling that I wanted another step to it... some color. So I got out a modern square border and inked it up and UGH!  It pretty much obliterated the sign language!  I will be honest, I sent it anyway as I had already written the note on the inside and my son won't care it is a note from home.  Of course I *cough* accidentally *cough, cough* forgot to take that picture!!

Part of the inspiration for this is that my eldest attends Rochester Institute of Technology which is also the National Technical Institute for the Deaf with 10% of the student body being deaf, so he has learnt his alphabet so far and a few choice words that I'm probably not going to share in polite company.  It really does add an extra, unique dynamic to an already great school.  So that is my "A" = American Sign Language for the OLW challenge.

ETA - and yes it does say "hello"

Card Size - 4.25 in x 5.5 in
Cardstock - Neenah Classic Crest Smooth Solar White
Stamps - Viva LasVegastamps: Sign Language Alphabet
Ink - Archival Ink: Black

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I need you to plan a surprise party in two weeks....

That was pretty much the request I got toward the end of February from my uncle.

Umm...Yeah...I can do that....I sat down and wrote out a plan of action and planned big and then pared it down.I really wanted to hide the walls.  You see we had the party in "our" karate school.  In the end I settled for covering the windows with long sheets of plastic table covering.  *sigh*  I just didn't have the manpower or time to do it.So realizing that wasn't going to happen I set about to hide the "ugly" spots.  Now don't get me wrong I love our karate school but it has awkward angles and things like punching bags hanging down and a makiwara board jutting up, older televisions sticking out.... yeah... I needed to optically hide things.
The plan -
  • cover the windows to keep the surprise as long as possible.  One whole wall is windows.Clear the "school clutter" such as punch bag etc out of sight/access
  • Make balloon towers to cover the awkward angles in the school visually and create an entrance which means making stands too.
  • Hang decorative elements from the wall of mirrors (oh I didn't mention that we had a wall of mirrors too) and ceiling.
  • Use table cloths and skirts in my supplies and hurricanes and candles (another of her favorites) with hurricane holders.  
  • and 50 pink roses
  • and DON'T PANIC!

I realized pretty quickly I need to be able to decorate in a way that I could set up in less than 6 hours which ended up being 3 1/2 with just two helpers - we did call a friend and I roped in my mother so I ended up with 4 helpers and we were still decorating when people were arriving early!! for the surprise party.  OK they weren't early but they were. I told people 6 pm to surprise at 6:30 - somehow that got turned into 5:30 to surprise at 6?!?!?!?!?!


And that is why I don't haven't "pretty" here it is all set up and nobody here pictures.  I was still assembling the last balloon tower when everyone came pouring in.

And lets not even talk about the food.  I did most of it but not the desert table (isn't that beautiful *points to the left of the page)- a beautiful cake all those handmade flowers at the bottom of the table were off the cake, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate 50s and cupcakes!

So honestly I don't know if we made it or not.  I do know I am not a caterer.  Oh that was nearly a disaster!

My pulled pork was tough so we had to BBQ it up. ACK!  The chicken tenders we got from the local restaurant were a bit meh!  The mac and cheese solidified!  The Mashed Potatoes had to be redone.  I will say my meatballs were wonderful and I could just about kick my mother who talked me out of country ham  (I wouldn't have stressed so much about the pork then!!!).  And green beans went down well.

And all this had to be transported out of town... hmm I wonder why I didn't get a card made for a few weeks... 

Oh and you can't tell but that 50 on the wreath is sparkly Krylon glitter paint on it!  And there were 5 mesh ball puffs hanging from the ceiling.

I made two more wreaths the traditional looping mesh way but TBH they weren't that special but we put them up anyway.

Well I hope you like what you see.  Next time I'm letting someone else cater.

I purchased my wreath and puffs supplies from Mardi Gras Outlet after seeing their tutorial for wreaths and puffs  and 

and this is the video I used to learn how to make the balloon towers -

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You may think I am horrible...

I don't know how anyone could have missed the news coming out of Boston.  I know we are all keeping those affected in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.  My thing during these times is that I observe and participate in more immediate social networks (forums, Twitter, Facebook - you get the idea). 

So why am I posting a random comment post?  What I know for sure.  After events like today the world needs beauty.  We need and seek out the beautiful to help us cope with awful events.  It helps us put life back into balance and find context.  So, whilst I think it is lovely that people stop craft blogging because of a tragedy, I don't think it is necessary because if someone is here going through their favorite blogs chances are they are looking for somewhere to escape.  Somewhere beautiful to be when the world itself seems so ugly.  Let us continue to share what we love, not worry about scheduled posts that don't mention the outside world and create the beauty that we aspire our world to match.

Nothing will change what happened today: a moment of silence; an in depth discussion; or even a blog post.  Yesterday will change us all.  Some more subtly than others, however it would make the world a much darker place if we didn't share the beauty we create because of yesterday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's - My Worst Card!

My ugliest card ever.  So many to choose from especially as I try to share everything.  It really was a close call.  I think I have a 2nd runner up, 1st runner up AND a winner to share.

So without further ado.

Our 2nd runner up is this beauty from January 2008!  Now in my defense it was a great use of supplies that I had at the time! and I think I nailed just about every technique I could throw up onto the card!

Our 1st runner up is my Nirvana grunge moment from November 2009

and without further ado - Our winner of the worst card is.... *drumroll*... no go ahead and do the drumroll in your head.... the winner is....

From April 2009 send this card to the Dinosaurs

I should have warned you a bit more shouldn't I? LOL! Hope everyone is enjoying the Foolery with these post today!

To see more of this hop click here  Many thanks to Suzanne for hosting this!