Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You may think I am horrible...

I don't know how anyone could have missed the news coming out of Boston.  I know we are all keeping those affected in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.  My thing during these times is that I observe and participate in more immediate social networks (forums, Twitter, Facebook - you get the idea). 

So why am I posting a random comment post?  What I know for sure.  After events like today the world needs beauty.  We need and seek out the beautiful to help us cope with awful events.  It helps us put life back into balance and find context.  So, whilst I think it is lovely that people stop craft blogging because of a tragedy, I don't think it is necessary because if someone is here going through their favorite blogs chances are they are looking for somewhere to escape.  Somewhere beautiful to be when the world itself seems so ugly.  Let us continue to share what we love, not worry about scheduled posts that don't mention the outside world and create the beauty that we aspire our world to match.

Nothing will change what happened today: a moment of silence; an in depth discussion; or even a blog post.  Yesterday will change us all.  Some more subtly than others, however it would make the world a much darker place if we didn't share the beauty we create because of yesterday.

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Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Kristen - You are not horrible at all. I couldn't have put this into words any better. The only thing we can do is reflect and learn from the past and walk into the new dawn together. It would be nice if the 24/7 news cycle had similar vision. Thanks for the inspiration today :)