Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Blocks

Boy did I make blocks for Christmas!  Basically one side had a name and pattern and the other a pattern.  The names aren't my kids so I smudged them out.  I hope you don't mind.  Sorry about making this post picture heavy but just thought it was easier to get the generic here is a bunch of the same thing but they are different.

I thought these would be a good post for inauguration day - The first block is for a young man that wants to attend Naval Academy.  There is blue camo with the name on one side and the eagle flag on the other.  I found these pictures online and didn't sell them on.  I think that is ok under fair use under copyright law.

This block was for a young lady who "loves" zebra print and sparkle!  I printed the tissue paper, mod podged to the block let it dry. I sealed it with matte sealer. Then I used glitter glue to highlight her name (hand cramp!!!!).  The "jewels" were from a bulk pot from Hobby Lobby.

This block was for a musical young lady.  I know she loves to read as well but without knowing favorite books and hated books I thought that was a bit of a minefield, so I went with the music.  Again I downloaded the images and add the name.  Mod Podged it to the block and let it dry overnight.  Sealed it and added the glitz!
I'm not going to bother with an ingredients list - I'm pretty certain I labelled my other attempts the same and TBH nothing changed except the images and the addition of the jewels.

I actually made two more blocks but they were very specific and would give away more information than I would want to give on my blog LOL! 

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Melissa said...

These are all fantastic and what a wonderful gift idea!!! Wow!