Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy "Derby-Mom-Memorial-Flag-4th-Labor" Wreaths

So Tuesday night before Derby my mother asks for Red Derby wreaths that she can change the decorations on.  I told her that they won't hold up because the decorations really need to be glued.  So our plans evolved as we went shopping on Wednesday and talked...

On the trip our plans evolved into we don't want to change the wreath (nor store them) every couple of weeks and once we saw a mesh wreath made up with this stripe mesh and the stars and foil (those sticky out bits) and another beautiful white wreath with red roses the creative juices started flowing.  The striped wreath had a dense red bow which we both agreed was too "heavy" for the wreath so I got white organza ribbon with silver dots.

We discussed a blue based wreath but felt it would look odd on the door color (yeah that needs to be considered).

I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out considering my first and second attempts at these wreaths.  My Easter wreaths, which were ok but not great, really taught me that deco mesh needs to be "regimented messy" color needs to appear regularly but not in such a way that it creates a life of its own. 

  • Wire frame
  • Chenille wires
  • 21 inch red, white, blue metallic striped Deco Mesh
  • 6 inch red deco mesh
  • 6 inch white with silver dots organza
  • foil and stars table decoration
  • Red silk roses.
  • Floral tape.
  • Hot Glue gun.

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