Saturday, December 27, 2014

Is Martha Stewart a person or a business?

The following is from a thread I originated on Splitcoastampers which I expect to be deleted.  I am posting it here to protect its contents.

I know I am asking this at the risk of a vacation, but I think it is an important question. So is Martha Stewart a person or a business?

Background. On a tool thread I ask if a well known blogger who earns a living blogging about craft stamps and tools by representing many companies had received that tool FoC. Since asking people have been quite adamant that it didn't matter. I pointed out that it DID matter and that is why the FTC had regulations about blogging. It was pointed out by the creator of the tool that she had approached the blogger to represent her to Hero Arts (that sounds like business to me).

A few days ago the blogger who NEVER has mentioned sponsored product (followed her for years) goes to great lengths on social media to say this is being promoted for a friend -  - honestly, at the time, I felt it was a dig at me (right or wrongly, it doesn't really matter, if someone feels that way that is how they feel). I posted that here, had a think about it and was going to delete it but someone had replied. I didn't want to dishonor the person so replied that I was going to delete that post but since they had replied I felt that would be disrespectful. Then the blogger posts and really has a pretty direct go at how anyone could think that she would promote a product she didn't believe in (which I never said and how many thread are there about people being on DT and not liking the product etc.) and all the popular kids told her this was going on, so she had to sweep in and save the day and post but she was far too busy and had an employee that dealt with her comments on social media. (Person or Business has an employee for social media?)

Another poster then had a direct go at myself for thinking as I did. And I reported it. Mod involved and I was told that the blogger that earns a living crafty blogging is a person and that this was an attack on a person and against the terms of the board. I said I have no reason to attack a person and this was a discussion about business practices. I was told that
The rules are very clear and simple and you are well acquainted with them as a regular contributor here. Every human on earth is protected here by our rules, regardless of whether they have a personal brand or not. Martha Stewart has exactly the same rights as Jane Doe.
Honestly I am confused. Martha Stewart is a brand. She is incorporated as a brand and if Martha Stewart posted here I would consider it PR to promote her brand.

Additionally there are many threads all over this board about owners of different companies and their bad customer service and this wasn't even near this level. 

I get it that I am not crafting elite or a popular "kid" but honestly I don't get the vitriol on this. If a person's online persona is how they make money they are a business.

What do you think? and I may not get to reply because I am expecting this to be deleted and to be sent on vacation for asking a legitimate, Federally regulated question.

(I also got accused of having a problem with the blogger. I have no idea where that came from. That was just weird, especially as I stated multiple times that I don't and there was nothing personal in my questions. I don't know what is so hard about "Look what my super talented friend gave me, let me show you what it does!")

So after full disclosure, is Martha Stewart a person or a business?

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Anonymous said...

When JM posts about products she got for free (all those my favorite things videos, for exampe), she is legally required to inform the reader that she got it for free. She is and she did not. She is wrong and owes you an apology. It doesn't matter that the MISTI owner did not ask her to make the post. If free, then disclose. Simple really

She is not alone in making this mistake. A lot of folks do not follow this requirement. the "big names" in stamping should remember that they need our money to earn theirs.
don't know if JM is a person or a business because she has never fully disclosed her sources of compensation.

Anonymous said...

On the right hand side of her blog there is a link labeled disclosure and it takes you to this page.

I hope you take the time to follow it. It has always been there.

Sometimes it helps to take the time to know if what you post is accurate.

Kristen said...

Exactly! I know that is there. So why be upset if someone asks if a known craft product reviewer received the product for free? What is there to hide? I only stated that I prefer reviews from people on SCS who bought the product over someone that may have an obligation. I never said she did, so why all the uproar. It is as if people can't read, there are Monty Python scripts less ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

JM's disclosure does not reveal that she received the MISTI for free. It says that she always receives Hero Arts products for free others maybe. It is not a true disclosure. She isn't alone in doing this and it violates the ftc rules. as consumers we are left guessing, was it free or not. i like jm a lot. both asa stamper and as someoen who comes across with a heart. this shouldn't be about her but about an entire blogging community that has gone off the rails using product and not sharing that it is free. Just say so. don't know about splitcoast as that place is a snooze for me. Bloggers -- if you get something for free or at a discount, say so. that's all.

Rene Stansell said...

Blogs that don't say outright that is free even though it is in the fine print are deceiving the rest of the bloggers, just say it otherwise they are promoting that company for others to purchase but they get it for free. I am from Australia and don't know much about your tax laws but I do know what honesty is, I also like JM but be sincere.