Monday, December 29, 2014

So I asked another question, good thing I'm not a cat.

So following the ban I actually asked Splitcoastampers site what an SPR violation is and because honestly to be banned for a month really deserves a better explanation than the stat 2 word response. "SPR Violations"

"Hi Kristen -
Good to hear from you. I really do hope you are doing okay.
I am not a moderator - I am the Community and site manager. But we love and depend on our moderators! :) Here is the site posting rule you violated, which is the most important rule we have:
Members are cautioned to take the greatest care when they post new threads or create a response to an existing thread. We ask that no one creates or condones a post openly disparaging any individual, company or group of people.
I hope you have a good rest of the holiday season."
Now I just want to say I knew it was going to Site manager because none of the other relevant boxes sent it through - might have to do with the ban or might be a glitch, I honestly don't know.  I appreciate the kind response but am still puzzled how asking for clarifications from those who blur the line between person and business is "disparaging" especially given some of the threads I have read over the years about others in the crafting community on Splitcoast.

I did reply with the following (and of course now see a grammatical error! Yikes! and I know there are probably more).

"Many thanks for your reply.

What have I specifically done that has disparaged an individual, company or group of people after I was cautioned by PM?

I have ask about a product being Free of charge.
I have asked about disclosure of Free of charge products, how is that disparaging? That is Freedom of Information!
I have also ask in Current Events how Martha Stewart, as the example given me by a moderator, can be considered an individual in a craft world where she has made millions and is incorporated as a business?  Which considering the number of negative threads about other craft people such as for example PTI and Nicole Heady is puzzling and inconsistent.

In the past there has been a very specific warning if there is an issue.  The issue for this seems to be one of a click/clique where a moderator is a part of it and doesn't wish to questioned.  She specifically said in her response in PM that she didn't care who I included.  And then I am banned for quite a length of time?  That is just plain irrational."

Now if I thought for one moment everyone was being treated the same I would have no ongoing issue but there really seems to be a protective bubble around this product and the mentors of this product and how dare we question it.  I really like the SCS moderators, generally they have been absolutely brilliant over the years, even when I have have previous vacations, but I just think if you are participating actively in a thread and "liking" the "craft celebrity" posts that it might be best to recuse yourself from moderating that thread if there is a perceived issue.

Full disclosure, I really like the product, I just don't understand why it is so hard to say "I got it for free and think it was awesome!"  
I have consistently said - get it patent protected (even when the creator of it said a lawyer said she didn't need it), get mass manufacturing to bring the price down.   So that isn't negative.

I just don't get the defensiveness and animosity when I asked quite legitimate questions.  

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Rene Stansell said...

Yes Kristen, it's a click.
Rene xo