Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Painting with Lindsay the Frugalcrafter - Orchid

Another one of my attempts to paint along with Lindsay, the Frugalcrafter.  Here is the tutorial and inspiration video and/or blog.  There is plenty of critical eye issues with this.  The blooms aren't quite round enough in the focal orchid.  The color mix is a little too garish compared to the original.  Yada yada yada... 

But you know what, I am happy with it, I painted this with Koi watercolors and Derwent watercolor pencils around midnight in my basement craft area with somewhat crappy lighting even with my task light and the husband's puzzle light.  Seriously, I'm lucky this even looks like a flower!!!  

Thanks Lindsay for the inspiration to try and try again!  I'm thinking this might be my Mother's Day card for my own US based mother.

Inspiration - Lindsay, The Frugalcrafter youtube - Orchid Watercolor Full Length;
Card Size 5" × 6-7/8"(127 mm × 175 mm);
Card stock - Strathmore Watercolor Greeting Cards;

Color - Koi Watercolor; Derwent Watercolour pencils;

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Anonymous said...

That turned out wonderful! Thanks for sharing!