Friday, March 28, 2008

Stamped and Beaded candle - oh and a bit of rubbah!

Well I couldn't just send a card to the happy couple now could I? I saw the stamped images on a candle technique and then I saw the gallery on SCS where some very talented ladies had taken it one step further and put photos on candles. THEN if that weren't enough another talented lady showed how to bead hers. Well that was it, I knew from that moment the perfect project. So I got the photo and did the technique using wax paper and my handy heat gun - I can't really believe how straight-forward it was. I took a small pillar candle. The photo is a black and white print, the date is off Word and the Initials are from my set I used on the Wedding card - this time in black because when I stamped it out in gold it just didn't work on this project.

I then cut measured the candle with the wax paper and cut the sheet of O'So sticky adhesive to size. I adhered the sheet to the candle and took off the outer protective rubber coating and then heated it slightly and rolled it in the clear beads.

It's not the "main" pressie but just a little token to go along with the main pressie that I hope they will like.

On the rubbah front - I have managed to hit 5, YES 5! of my favorite shops today! and I'm so excited to get working with my "new" stash. Hopefully I will get caught up with a few of my crafty projects in the near future and of course I will be sharing! Take care!

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dasimonds said...

Your candle looks Great!!
I have not done this with
a photo before...TFS