Monday, October 18, 2010

I have decided to take a hit to the ego! LOL!

I'm just readjusting my blog to make it more friendly and I noticed a counter other than feedjit - thing is it counts views at 512 (and we all know that 510 of those are mine!) whereas my feedjit is around 14,000... so I guess I will humble myself to something more user friendly and although I haven't gotten near 14,000 comments please don't think because you aren't a number to me that you don't count anymore. 

Onwards and upwords at least in the counting department.

I still have oodles of birthday cards to photograph and upload (they are here as they were for my DH) and of course everything I have been working on in between painting bedrooms - 2 down and now we are on the front living room - ceiling done, walls and trim to go!  Take care and enjoy your crafting!

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