Thursday, May 5, 2011

Changes are on the way...

I know I have been silent for a while - luckily it is for good reasons but has meant a bit of a learning curve for me.  I got a new computer and photo editing software so I am trying to learn to use them both to get the most out of them.  Let alone migrating and re-arranging files!

I think we all know I'm not the most prolific cardmaker at the best of times, however, I have managed to make 3 cards in my off screen time that I need to share with you and I have also managed to get out and learn how to use my airbrush.  I'm now officially in love and want to airbrush everything!

I was really impressed with myself last week making one of my "masterpieces" in about 1 1/2 start to finish.  I think that was a record for me!  I have at least two cards to get done today and I just can't think so these cards are definitely taking longer than 1 1/2 start to finish! LOL.

Take care and if you have read this far show some love to my followers and the blogs that inspire me -

Following is another thing I am trying to work out, plus challenges and all sorts of other things on my to do list!  Take care and I hope to be here soon with my uploads!

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