Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grungy 21st Birthday.

Hate to admit this but I think this card ranks up there with my last year Christmas cards as fun concept but...

Is it wrong to send a card you don't like? Well I have in this case. I had this concept of cutting out a large card with my Cricut - worked it all out on the Design Studio and was pleased enough with it but it needed more. So I used my Clear Dollar Stamps and Kitchen Sink Stamps to stamp guy things related to carpentry to make an insert card to the die cut card. I think attempted to personalize it and that is where it started to go all wrong. I stamp on the "R" and it doesn't stamp completely... Yikes! - so to save it I decided to shadow stamp the name and emboss it for texture. I still didn't like the look so I grunged it up so that front would stand out against the background.

Why do I have so many "guy" relatives in my life? ACK!!!!

Anyway - you honestly won't hurt my feelings if you comment that you don't like it because I'm not certain I like it either.

Size - 8.5in x 5.5 in
Stamps - Clear Dollar Stamps, Kitchen Sink Stamps, See D's
Ink - Memento
Accessories - Cricut


Kayla said...

Hey, I kind of like it. My husband is into carpentry, but not really into cards and stamps. I think he would think a card like this is cool. I may just steal your idea. :)

Holly said...

Actually I really like it alot. I think the colors and images fit the "feel of the card" Hope I'm making sense here.....