Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanks Lindsay!

So the background to this is that whilst re organizing my mother's garage I came across s 3 pairs of knitting needles that had been forgotten.  One had a practice set of stiches cast on but I really don't know whose work it is. So I was able to use the video to cast off that piece (in case it was something sentimental) and to start learning how to knit.  I have an aunt, mother-in-law and auntie-in-law who all know how to knit and have made some beautiful pieces. So I was thrilled to have a go The Frugal Crafter 

This is what I managed to do with the leftover yarn.

I started another bit to actually make something but I've pulled it apart as I didn't like how loose some of the stiches were compared to others.

So thank you Lindsay! I'm now able to add yarn to my craft supplies hoarding!!!!!

I'm planning on trying to make a scarf or two for my lot. We shall see how it goes. FWIW my DH is thrilled, which I find shocking, but I think it is because it is something his mum does.

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meg m said...

Congrats on the find. I love finding bits of my grams knitting in progress. A word about collecting yarn...collect enough for a project and store it with a pattern in a plastic bag that sips to keep the dust out. Have fun!