Saturday, September 22, 2012

RIT Tigers block

So for graduation I made my cousin's daughter a Bellarmine glass block... well you should have seen the look on the face of my eldest. Absolute devastation at not having got one.  So I had to get to thinking, because to be honest he is picky.  He doesn't admit it but he is.  I found a few of his school's logos* and asked his preference (which wasn't mine LOL) and set to work.  I'm going to go ahead and describe my process again as I changed a few things from the last time.
I measured my block (again) to make certain I had the right measurements for it.  I then printed the image on plain paper and again sized this up to my block.  Then I cut off some tissue paper and  adhered it to the printed plain paper with masking tape about 1/2 inch down from the top to feed it through my printer.  And left it to dry.  I didn't adjust my printer settings because I wanted the black and the orange to be as intense as possible. 

This time with the block I painted on the Modge podge and then stippled it.  I was a bit wary of attempting that again because it didn't work when I did the Bellarmine block but I didn't want the line effect with this block. 
Cutting the tissue paper down to size and rounding the corners then I patiently and carefully adhered it to the block.  If it tears it is possible to push it backtogether, however it depends on how bad.  If it is too bad just wipe the block clean and go back and print another tissue paper, cut it down, stipple the glue on the block to start again.

After completing the RIT Tiger side, I finished off the opposite side with some clipart gears and my student's name the same way as I did the Tiger side.

After both sides were dry it, they were sprayed with Krylon, Matte sealant to seal the printed colors and it also gives this frosted appearance to the block.

Next step, to glue on the black, stiched ribbon with hot glue.  Wow, what a mess that was.  Because the  glass was cold and I only had two hands it would get lumpy.  I think if I do another one I will just use a wet glue.  Then I had to work out how to use the measuring tape ribbon.  Ideally it would have worked in the middle of the block but there is a ridge.  I decided it had to go on one side of the ridge, but didn't have enough for it to go on both sides.  That is when I decided to use similar plain twill ribbon and stamp my own.  I like how it turned out.  The last touch was the satin ribbon on the seam of the block. 

Lastly, I cut the plastic bung for the bottom of the block from the edge to the small hole in the middle and fed the cord of the light through the hole.  I secured the light in an upright position with a  3D Zot glue dot.  The bung for this block was tight so I didn't adhere it closed.

Surface - Krafty Blok Large
Paper/Cardstock -Printed Tissue Paper
Adhesive - Modge Podge, 3D Zots, Glue gun
Stamps - See D's
Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black

Miscellaneous - Ribbon, Krylon Matte Sealer Spray, Night light.

*used under Fair Use h

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