Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas Roundup - the disasters...

So part of the reason I started this blog is to share my crafting journey and every journey has those memorable incidents that makes the rest of the journey look like smooth sailing... thus, we come to the Christmas disasters.

All year I collected our soup tins that had a pop top lid carefully opening them with my special can opener and cleaning them and saving them to make santa tins to fill. As Christmas approached I filled them with a bag containing of chocolate nuggets, kisses and those soft peppermints you only seem to see at Christmas.  Then I glued them with E6000. Now I did this in a well ventilated area and was sure this was going to be the cutest novelty gift ever for our friends' kids.

So of course I test them on my kids first. They open them and the strong glue smell is inside the can. Oh no! Then the youngest eats some chocolate and complains it tastes funny.  I had a bit and immediately realized that the glue smell had permeated the chocolate.  Thank goodness I hadn't distributed them further than my own kids. I threw them away. My husband pit.them in the recycling bin. I didn't care as I was devastated and greatful at the same time.

My other disaster this Christmas were my Santa/Grinch (or elf) ornaments. I had a brain blip and painted the black of the belts with acrylic paint which dried flat and scraped off as I was doing the buckles. I thought I could touch them up but um let's just leave it at that didn't work either. So they are on a shelf to see if I can salvage them.  At least I didn't wax the insides...I've read that fails after a year...why wait a year when it can be in real time! LOL

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