Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Roundup part 1

I made a lot of new decor for our home's exterior this year.

First I reworked this large wreath for the gable end that was looking sad. It got new ribbon and red berries. I may add more bling before next year.

Using an old Christmas tree I made a swag for our light...

And window garlands...


Then I used deco mesh for wreaths and a garland around the front door. TBH although it was pretty it didn't quite pack the punch I wanted. Oh well I have a whole year to rethink it. I am open to suggestions. I think either the wreaths are too big or I need the garland to be higher/wider.


Michael Kelley said...

Hi Kristen,
I was looking around for wreath ideas and came across your blog. Nice ideas, and lots of creativity in your blog. I have been making fresh balsam wreaths for 19 years. If you have any interest in decorating a fresh wreath, please email me. I like your ideas.

Best Regards
Rockdale Wreaths

Joan Bardee said...

beautiful job!