Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Roundup - knitted hats and scarfs

So thanks to the frugalcrafter Lindsay I discovered the joys of knitting and loom knitting.  That's a general link to her blog. I was ill with one of those coughs that keep you up all night so I put my earbuds in and watched and listened to Lindsay. She was my Lemonade when I was handed lemons.

These are all loom hats and a 6ft scarf.  I have since completed a blue, yellow and white hat and scarf and a red and white scarf.

Also I' ve made 2 ruffle scarfs for my MIL which I forgot to photograph.

The red and white hat needs to be reworked on a smaller loom...but that's the learning curve!

Here is the direct link to the knitting tutorial.  I can't stress enough how helpful I found it. I have been trying to learn to knit for years... now on to crochet!

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