Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ban update.

I have been informed from a 3rd party, not Splitcoastampers, that by pointing out that the warranty didn't apply in that case I had broken a rule that the once the manufacturer replies we are no longer allowed to clarify the answer.

Why couldn't that be stated in the ban and the rule specifically quoted?

Secondarily, I wasn't addressing the problem, I did address that the manufacturer's statement couldn't be correct as it was recently enacted and the manufacturer agreed with me.  So what is the problem? On Splitcoast there has always been an open atmosphere of clarifying answers in the past so it is confusing that this has changed.

I have attempted to contact Splitcoastampers again to obtain an answer.  I will let you know when I know.

Take care and keep crafting... and if you are a member there and would like to stay in touch please contact me. I review comments before publishing, mainly because people have given me personal information about themselves that I didn't want openly on my blog and to avoid spammers.  So if you want to contact me that way without info going further that can happen.

All the best, stay safe, warm, and loved.


Anonymous said...

SCS is clearly nuts here. banning you for 2 years or 2 minutes for this is seriously crazy.

Anonymous said...

I think SCS is really struggling right now. They only have 3 member companies right now. The forums have always been a positive-only regarding posters. I imagine that the trend to positive-only towards companies/products is a reaction to a shrinking income base. The reason they allow it for certain companies is because they know there will be no revenue from that company. i.e. PTI has already burned bridges with SCS - no potential income source, you can say what you feel (within the standard "be nice" guidelines.)You don't want start-up companies to see any negatives about the company/product or they might not buy ad space/become a member company. What they don't see is that not allowing honest(but polite) discussion will lower the numbers of the audience that they are advertising to.
tl;dr I think it's a unfortunate & misguided effort to scramble for money because SCS is in a tight spot.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't banned, but I was edited a month or so ago. Very superfluous language in the rules. I don't reply to anyone anymore, for anything. Sorry you were banned. Sounds a little naziish.
Paula in GA

Anonymous said...

i've pretty much banned SCS from my life. i go there about once a month, compared to several times a day a few years ago. there are basically 100 people asking the same 3 questions over and over and a bunch of SU demos desperate to keep info from the consumer. no thanks.