Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Banned again for 2 years? Really?

So I go to log into SCS today after I have the last couple of days and this is what I get

Now I admit I did point out that you can't say something is out of warranty if you never issued a warranty to begin with and the product has changed since then, but those are just facts of life and law not personal.

Otherwise I have no idea and am more than amused at the level of bullying that this implies unless there is a jolly good reason.

ETA - My Sweet Petunia has changed the website since this morning which dated the 90 day Warranty from 2/23/2015.

Honestly, who is being dishonest here?  I am willing to testify in front of any official to the truthfulness of my statements and I know I won't be perjuring myself.  The internet has a long memory and those types of changes are tracked.

ETA  -  is a good read as to consumer rights in such a situation.  Even if a product is out of warranty i.e. such as a car, we have reason to believe that it is still driveable and fit for the purpose of which it was bought as long as it is properly maintained.  For example, my car is out of warranty but if the airbags randomly deployed I have an expectation of the manufacturer to put it right or legal recourse.

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