Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So tired of being bullied.

Little in my life has changed except I don't get to debate with the awesome ladies in Current Events on Splitcoastampers.  I miss them.  Even the ladies whom I strongly disagree with.  I felt there was a camaraderie there that we could agree to disagree.  And I tend to live my life like that.  I hang out with a lot of people whom I disagree with.  I love it.  I don't poke the grizzly.  I just love talking with them and working out why they think a certain way.  So I get to today and we are a couple of months down the line from "the 2 year ban" with no further explanation.  And find myself publicly sledged on two sites.  Wow. Instagram and Facebook. I don't get people that have to put other people down to lift themselves up.  Different strokes for different folks I guess.  

I honestly wonder if the people building themselves up whilst trampling on me consider that is what they are doing?  I'm a person that wants to believe the best of people.  Yeah, I know I have slung a bit of mud back at the "mean girls" but am I really supposed to walk away and let this carry on?  Am I supposed to thank them for being so cruel and be like Oliver Twist "please can I have some more"? Am I supposed to go gooey hearted and thank them again when they talk about their new love of one another over a "difficult time" (me being that "difficult time").  

I guess I should actually be proud of myself for bringing like minded people together. According to Instagram without me, that crafty retreat invite would never have happened, now there is some glitter to put on your card! LOL!  

I am a genuine person with feelings who doesn't have crafty friends in high crafty places because I like hanging out with the crafty masses who lift each other up not push people down to lift themselves up.  That is like building a house on a foundation susceptible to erosion.  And yes, that is what it feels like at this end of my crafty non-famous life.  And now I wonder if I am repeating the cycle of put downs by presenting my side and my continuing hurt over how all this was handled.  

Let's just stop being vague.  Jennifer and Lydia, I never meant to cause Jennifer distress when I asked if she had purchased the product.  I never meant offense stating that I consider that when I researching products I would like.  Nor did I mean offense when stating that consumers have the right to know and linking those federal rights on SCS.  I have stated before I have no ill will toward you and am happy I seem to have brought you together in real life.  Now can we stop the slights and set downs?  I'm sure you have used your power and influence to hurt me far more than I have or can ever hurt you.

As for Facebook, I joined a closed group about MISTI.  I am a big supporter of the tool and how to use it and how to get the best out of it.  I added my blog to a list and the next thing I see today (yup same day as the Instagram) is a link to the administrator of the group and owner of My Sweet Petunia.  Seriously?!  It is a document on her site, I'm not talking smack and have been supportive of the product since the early days.  I was one of the 1st to talk about being covered as a company and patent on SCS.  I asked if one person got their tool free and I am black balled forever? Thus, I deleted my information from that document.  People need to understand there is a difference between information gathering about a product and being mean.  Stop being mean because I haven't been mean to you.  The evidence is all there on the internet.  

I'm still good in my heart, I'm just saddened that this is still going on.

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