Saturday, March 28, 2015

So a funny thing happened...

Sometimes you have to laugh or you would cry in pure delirium!  So after thinking for weeks that our spare laptop didn't have a card slot for my camera card guess what I found?!  Sometimes I think those highlights Mother Nature is giving me are growing inside my brain and not just out on my scalp!  So time to get caught up on posts that should have gone up in the beginning of the year!

So with no further delay I present to you an ornament!  I made this out of polymer clay and stamped it with our dog's name and a Hero Arts stamp that I have had since the dawn of time.  Seriously, I actually think it says the dawn of time on the packaging! OK it actually says 2007.

I just followed the directions on the package of clay and with the help of all those YouTube experts and Goodwill, where I managed to source a pasta machine for less than a craft one, which was a good thing because it is a bit on the icky "well loved" side for food, I managed to make a simple bone! I know, sometimes I even amaze myself!

I will be honest with you, my first intention was to try to take a paw impression of our not so little mischief maker.  Thankfully, I soon came to my senses though I am thrilled to have a way of marking our first Christmas with our adopted ratbag joy!

FWIW I used the Premo Sculpey as it has less fragile qualities and I am sick and tired of repairing and/or throwing away broken Christmas ornaments.  

Stamps - Gina K Designs: Lots of Letters; Hero Arts: Hand Drawn Christmas;
Ink - Memento;
Miscellaneous - Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay, Ribbon, Cookie Cutter

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Sabrina said...

This is just so sweet! I always give my sister a Christmas decoration each year, and I'm thinking she and her husband would love something like this! Thanks for the inspiration.