Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone - the 96

Today is 20 years since 96 Liverpool Football Supporters lost their lives at Hillsborough, the youngest was 10. There were many children amoungst the dead and families that lost father and son. Many people have been inspired to blog and reply to blogs about this tragedy such as Steve Wilson from BBC's Match of the Day

Liverpool has been "my" club since that day. I watched 8 hours of coverage on MTV (yeah, no 24 hours news back then) whilst doing my overnight university desk job of making certain the dorm I worked at in the USA was safe, having been introduced to them in 1988. The dignity and respect this club have shown their supporters throughout the years has been incredible. Their players know that you don't become a star without the support of the fans.

The fans were villified in some of the English media for being "responsible" for the tragedy which has been proven not to be the case. If you wish to support the family in their continuing fight for Justice there is a song that can be bought through HMV or downloaded off i-tunes - The Fields of Anfield Road by the Liverpool Collective (the last link I have given)

And lastly information - the Memorial single is now charting in the top 20 and in the Northwest of England is number 1
I still tear up when I sing You'll Never Walk Alone and never has that been a truer anthem for a club.

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Aimes said...

Hi, just popped on here after spottin' your avatar on SCS.
So hard to believe this was 20 years ago - I was only little when it happened but remember seeing it all on the tv and the shocked reaction of my family.
In a very strange experience I had to sit my law of torts exam for uni at Hillsborough (I mean the ACTUAL football ground!) and freakily enough the paper was on negligence and called for the Hillsborough case to be cited - gave me shivers down my spine to be citing such a tragic case sat in the place where it all happened.
Lets just all hope that the measures taken ensure this tragedy may never occur again!